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Flower Power - The Dahlia

It’s August. The summer is in full swing and many are out enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings we have here in Central Oregon.  And although our gardens are in various stages of vegetative growth and bloom, mid-summer can be among the less eventful months of the growing season.  This makes it the perfect time to find new and interesting plants to jazz up your summer garden, and Schillings Garden Market is the perfect match for mid-summer plant hunters! 

   The Dahlia flower is a great featured plant for the month of August due to its unique characteristics and qualities. This flower is a Mexican plant that thrives in the sun making it a great summer garden edition. These flowers also do very well during dry summers (perfect for our neck of the woods). Dahlias bloom reliably beginning in July and will continue to flower until the frost intervenes if you keep up on your deadheading.  After frost kills the above ground foliage, the plant’s tubers can be dug and stored in a cool, dry place for the winter.  Replant them in spring after danger of frost has passed and you will be rewarded with another season of blooms about 8 weeks after planting.        

   There are many different kinds of Dahlias, ranging from Simple Single, to the Spiky cactus, the Tight Pom Pom and the Waterlily. This allows for great variation in color throughout the whole plant, depending on which variety of Dahlia you chose.  Dahlias work well in your landscape or as potted plants giving you many options on how to use them.   

     At Schillings we can help you find the perfect addition to your garden this summer. Also, remember to give your plants extra food in these dry and hot conditions. (They will thank you!) At Schillings we have organic worm castings and many other products that will help your garden thrive into fall. 

      Come see us!  We always have plenty of plants, flowers, trees and shrubs to brighten up your yard and garden during the ‘dog days’ of summer.  See you at Schillings!

By: Hailey Spoto

Melinda Nichols